About 60's Rockelodean


This is a personal website, created and launched on May 2, 2012 by Michael Casher, the creator and owner/operator. 60's Rockelodean is an evolving non-science fiction entertainment satellite of Michael Casher's official website, Science Fiction for Thinkers.com. This particular satellite offers a small selection of embedded videos from YouTube featuring rock bands from the Sixties decade of the late, great 20th Century.


This website's main music focus is on the "British Rock Invasion" of the U.S. and the subsequent influence of British rock groups on the American pop music scene. It's also about American rock bands before the influence of Woodstock took the American pop music scene to another level. 60's Rockelodean is about rock music when it was young, bold, mostly upbeat and irresistibly exciting. Some of the bands showcased here are British and some are American bands. For more information on these bands, check Wikipedia.


60's Rockelodean is about "being there" and that's why you'll mostly see rare, classic, performance videos — often in black-and-white — instead of remastered album cover videos in HD wide-screen and Dolby Stereo sound. This is deliberate and intended to give you the feeling of what it was like to be there in the 1960's when rock music history was being made.  However, some of these videos feature original video with dubbed audio and, although this may detract from the feeling of "being there", these were the only performance videos currently available at YouTube for these particular bands.


Michael Casher is a science fiction author who is not a historian or any kind of expert on 1960's rock music. He just likes to remember "The Golden Age of Rock Music" which, for him — and maybe for you, too — was the 1960's decade.


Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your stay. Visit us often because you never know when we've added more videos.


— May 2, 2012